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Autism Therapy


​Excel ABA was created due to a growing need for effective applied behavior analysis services in Richmond, KY and the surrounding communities. We pride ourselves on keeping caseloads small so that each client and family receives the best quality of services and attention for their individual needs. 

We provide both ABA services and Positive Behavior Supports through a variety of funding sources. 


Serving our Community Since 2015

Why Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy?

  • Autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are estimated to affect 1 in 50 children. Both terms are used to identify a wide range of disorders that effect early brain development. Early identification and treatment are key to ensuring a child has the best chance to reach their full potential.

  • ABA is the gold standard treatment methodology and the proven method used to treat the global symptoms of ASDs. With early intervention, ABA has positive effects on children's developmental trajectory in both neurophysiological and behavioral assessments.

  • ABA is the recommended treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders by the U.S. Surgeon General. 

Get to Know Us

  • Excel ABA offers comprehensive therapy using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Research has proven that children with severe developmental delays can show remarkable progress if intensive behavior therapy is provided over a two-to-three year period.

  • Excel ABA works to create an individual, dynamic, comprehensive program for each child in order to obtain the best possible outcome.

  • We keep our caseloads small! This means each BCBA has the time to dedicate to each individual case to provide the best quality services! 

Why Choose Excel ABA? 

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